Bathsheba and the myth of unconscious seduction

An excellent blog about Bathsheba. And I can see how a patriarch interpretation of the Bible in this case has caused detrimental attitudes towards women in society. I think its about time to change. I realize that many women are naive to how men think in certain ways. But its not our responsibility to become meek modest & submissive. It mens’ responsibility to learn respect, honor, & decency and to not take advantage of others. This applies to everyone. It’s time to change the destructive attitudes towards women in general. it’s time to heal the wounds between genders.

kate schell

“The Scripture says ‘[David] was a man after God’s own heart.’ He was a man who wanted to please the Lord. He didn’t get up that morning and say, ‘I think I’m going to lust after a woman. I think I’m going to commit adultery. I think I’m going to kill this man so I can have his wife.’ He didn’t have wicked intent initially, but he was weak. He was particularly weak in the presence of an undressed woman, and most men would be.” Nancy Leigh DeMoss, “Mixed Messages

“King David … was lazy; he was disobedient; he was out of God’s will. But also he saw a woman washing herself. She was either out in a yard where everybody could see her, or else she was in the house without the curtains drawn. And she was equally guilty in that lusting experience. I know David was…

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