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Infectious Personal Harmony & Success

If you have been paying attention to the actual news lately, you’ll find the world is currently a fucked up mess. And I find its not only a mess because of events happening here and in other places, but because of some of the responses to the mess I read through the comments of other people. It all processes and meanders through my brain and I try hard to make sense of it all. Why people who cling to their own humanity as hard as they can fail to see the humanity of other people.

The way in which this is all tied to me personally is discovering how to make my purpose here work for myself. How do I fit into all this to make the world a better place? Quite frankly, it is fucking irritating that some people think as a white woman, that means I should just be happy raising good kids and that should be enough for me.


So, a woman who I consider a kindred spirit posted a website with journaling ideas for September. I like a lot of them and will hopefully make some time here soon to do more of them. But at the rate I journal now, it might take me a lifetime to do all of them. So I picked one to write about today.

 “Write about your version of success (Forget everyone else’s version).”

Success for me is many things:

  • That I am able to sustain myself off the system as much as possible – solar power, food growing, supporting local businesses with sustainable practices. Some things we are already doing, but I’d like to be completely accomplished in this area in my every day life.
  • To indeed raise two children into two adults who will change the world in their own special way.
  • To finish college and get at least a bachelor’s degree. I know college is part of the profit center of the system, but its not all bad and I need it to learn more about environmental science and to be taken seriously with my career.
  • To be an influential enviromentalist and to help people and companies live and operate sustainably. To help realize we can exist in harmony with the earth and ALL the inhabitants of it.
  • That through environmental justice, we realize social justice. After hearing different perspectives on indigenous people in many areas of the world (not just native americans), in how they practice sustainability and environmental harmony, it got me thinking about the Anglo-Saxon model of conquer and destroy economic system. I think once we realize the conquer and destroy economic model (along with consumerism) can no longer exist for our species survival, we will HAVE to return to environmental harmony. My hope is the return to environmental harmony will promote social justice for all people as a natural result. You can’t oppress people out of necessity if there is no reason to conquer them.
  • That I continue to threaten the power of men and the one percent with my voice. To open the eyes of others and increase the number of people who are awake to force peaceful change that will end up benefitting all people. You do not have to have power and control to be happy, to have harmony and to be successful.
  • To continue my physical and mental/emotional health journey and to be an inspiration to others to do the same for themselves.

I think this is why my success looks like in a nutshell.