What I Would Do With My Life if Money Was Nothing

The title is less cliche than “what I would do if I won the lottery”, but its the truth. If I won the Mega Millions, the following is absolutely the things I would do with the money and with my life. The reason I think writing this down is important is not so much to chase dreams of winning it big, but to perhaps find away to make all these dreams a reality even if I never won the lottery. The idea that money is no object means I would do all this shit right NOW. But I can’t do them right now. I can however, live in such a way that all of these can be real goals that I can work to achieve in my life and make each one a reality. So I write this not only to get down on paper what my life dreams are, but to inspire for each of my readers to get down on paper (blog, journal, scratch piece of paper that you tape to your desk) what your life dreams are and to decide to live in such a way that each of your life dreams becomes reality for you.

  • I want to go on a road trip cross country vacation. I want to relax, enjoy nature all across the country, go tent camping wherever I can and do this with Matt and the kids.
  • I would buy a house in the Mentor Headlands and make it space smart, have radiant heat floors and solar panels.
  • I would fix up both Hondas like new and continue to use them. I love my no airbag having, stick shift, bumper stickered car. We’ve done a lot of traveling together.
  • I would start my own business. It will probably be a unique yarn shop. I would hire homeless/disenfranchised people for my business. I would pay them living wages. I heard Robin Williams wanted the movie makers in whatever city they filmed in to hire homeless people to do jobs needed. God bless Robin Williams.
  • I would learn Wing Chun martial arts. I would continue to lift weights and I would learn and do yoga every day.
  • I would run for public office. Maybe as an Independent. I am not sure where I would start, but I think it would be awesome to end up as governor of Ohio someday.

About Jack Ladouskas

My quest in life is to look back at the end of it and accomplish two things: 1) be happy with how I lived it and 2) make a positive impact in the world. This blog is a little slice of both. I hope you enjoy it.

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