I am White. And I am Angry.

In light of the three failed indictments for the police officers that killed John Crawford III, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, I decided to take my anger and write to several people who work for the city of Cleveland, OH. I’ve lived in NE Ohio since I was 4 years old. I call upon the city of Cleveland to do what is right. Below is the letter I sent to the Mayor, the city’s Law Director, Cuyahoga County’s Prosecutor, the Civilian Police Review Board, the Chief of Police, and all 17 members of the Cleveland City Council. Below my letter, I have listed the contact information of all the individuals I sent the letter too. I searched Cleveland’s city website for this information. You are able to email the city council members. Everyone else has one of those online forms to fill out, so I chose to put my Harvey Milk stamps to use other than mailing bills. Use your voice. Make Cleveland hear you. Demand justice. #BlackLivesMatter

The letter:


I am white. And I am angry.

For two weeks now, the nation has heard two cops not get indicted for any crime in two cases where at the very LEAST, excessive force was used that could have resulted in at least involuntary manslaughter charges and for the police officers to lose their badges. In a previous case in Beaver Creek, OH the cops that shot down John Crawford, who was not committing any crime, also were not indicted. I’m writing to you today in hopes Cleveland will not repeat the mistakes of Beaver Creek, Ferguson, and New York City.

Timothy Loehmann needs to lose his badge. Timothy Loehmann needs to be indicted on criminal charges for murder. I have three internet links at the end of this letter, just to show you there is clear evidence to support the statement I’ve just made.

First of all, it’s extremely clear in the surveillance video Timothy exited the police car with his gun already drawn at Tamir and shots fired within seconds of that moment. There is no way possible he told Tamir to put his hands up three times in such a short amount of time. There is no way Tamir had enough time to process in his mind what was even happening at that moment before he was shot by Timothy’s gun. There is no way possible you can justify Timothy Loehmann’s actions in those moments. So let’s just go ahead right now and consider the story put out by the police before the video was released was just another cover up to protect police officers from being held accountable for their actions. Let’s just go ahead and bust out the honest truth of the matter since there are literally thousands of people across the country protesting the last two botched police cover ups and subsequent media victim blaming/shamings that made national headlines.

It is also clear now that Timothy Loehmann shouldn’t even be a police officer per what happened to him when he was a cop for the city of Independence. How is it that normal businesses can background check people, check their references, and verify employers from an application or resume, but cops moving from one city to another don’t seem to have to go through any kind of review before they’re hired? This makes zero sense to me.

The internet links below contain information you may already be aware of, but I want you to know, I am aware. Millions of people are now aware. There are many issues plaguing Cleveland for decades and the lack of care for black citizens as if they’re less than human appears to be yet another issue. Don’t be on the wrong side of history just to protect police officers and your politics. People are getting fed up and you WILL be held accountable for your decisions through the voting booths. No amount of money in the world will make people forget that you allowed a cop to murder a 12 year old child who was not committing a crime. Do you really want to go to sleep at night knowing his blood is on your hands? Have some integrity and do what is just and morally correct for this HUMAN whose life you extinguished without just cause.

The country waits.


Becky Murphy

The 7 minute surveillance video:




Contact Information:

Mayor Frank G Jackson

Cleveland City Hall

601 Lakeside Ave Room 122

Cleveland, OH 44114

Dept of Law

Barbara A Langhenry, Director

Cleveland City Hall

601 Lakeside Ave Room 106

Cleveland, OH 44114
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office

The Justice Centers, Courts Tower

1200 Ontario St, 9th Floor

Cleveland, OH 44113

Office of Professional Standards

Civilian Police Review Board

205 West St Clair Ave

Cleveland, OH 44113

Division of Police

Calvin D Williams

Chief of Police

1300 Ontario St

Cleveland, OH 44113

Webpage of the City of Cleveland City Council Members and email addresses:



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One response to “I am White. And I am Angry.”

  1. Joe H. says :

    If you’re a cop, you’re given special privileges. The rest of us are considered cannon fodder.

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