Tamir Rice Justice: Indict Timothy Loehmann For Murder

I’ve not received any replies from my first letter to the leadership of the city of Cleveland or the Cuyahoga County’s Prosecutor’s office yet except for one city councilman who simply said “Thank you for your comments.” With the announcement Tamir Rice’s death was ruled as a homicide, I’ve written a new letter. It is pasted below. Some of it is copied from my first letter simply because I didn’t include Mike DeWine, John Kasich or Mary Taylor. I did not send the news links or surveillance video this time around either, but I have them pasted in this blog for your information. This blog isn’t to receive a pat on the back. The purpose is to educate and inspire YOU to write your own letter to these people and demand justice where justice failed for Eric Garner, John Crawford, Mike Brown and others. Don’t let Tamir Rice be another victim of his murderer getting off free!!! The contact info for everyone I sent this letter too is at the bottom.

Hello! White woman here. Why do I tell you I’m white? Because I want you to know that black people are not the only ones outraged at humans with badges getting away with murdering citizens for crimes where capital punishment without a trial isn’t the lawful consequence. In some cases, the citizens murdered by the human with the badge were committing no crime at all.

On Friday December 12th, it was announced Tamir Rice’s death was ruled as a homicide. That means the gun shot wound he died from is murder. That means Timothy Loehmann needs to be charged with murder. He needs to lose his badge without pay. There is no need to present all the evidence and let Timothy testify in front of a Grand Jury and bring up old laws that were declared unconstitutional like McColluch did in Missouri to somehow protect him from facing the consequences of his flawed decision.

It’s extremely clear in the surveillance video Timothy exited the police car with his gun already drawn at Tamir and shots fired within seconds. There is no way possible he told Tamir to put his hands up three times in such a short amount of time. There is no way Tamir had enough time to process in his mind what was even happening at that moment before he was shot by Timothy’s gun. There is no way possible you can justify Timothy Loehmann’s actions in those moments. So let’s just go ahead right now and consider the story put out by the police before the video was released was just another cover up to protect police officers from being held accountable for their actions. Let’s just go ahead and bust out the honest truth of the matter.

Don’t be on the wrong side of history just to protect police officers and your politics. No amount of money in the world will make people forget that you allowed a cop to murder a 12 year old child who was not committing a crime. Do you really want to go to sleep at night knowing his blood is on your hands? Have some integrity and do what is just and morally correct for this HUMAN whose life was extinguished without just cause.

The country waits for your morally correct decision.


Becky Murphy

The 7 minute surveillance video:



Contact information:

Mayor Frank G Jackson

Cleveland City Hall

601 Lakeside Ave Room 122

Cleveland, OH 44114
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office

The Justice Centers, Courts Tower

1200 Ontario St, 9th Floor

Cleveland, OH 44113

Division of Police

Calvin D Williams

Chief of Police

1300 Ontario St

Cleveland, OH 44113

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

30 E Broad St, 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Governor John Kasich

Riffe Center, 30th Floor

77 South High Street

Columbus, OH 43215

Lt Governor Mary Taylor

Riffe Center, 30th Floor

77 South High Street

Columbus, OH 43215


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