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The Good Guys and the Bad Guys of the Ohio SB 214 Debate

While at work, with my heart in my throat, my chest feeling hot and heavy, and my mouth feeling extremely dry no matter how much water I drank, I listened to the 2 ½ hours of Ohio Senate debate over the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

I’m here to give you my analysis of the good guys and bad guys of the debate. If you hadn’t heard, Planned Parenthood was voted to be defunded by the Ohio Senate with a vote of 23 – 10. I imagine since the House is run by Republicans, it will pass and John Kasich will likely sign the bill, as he is the jackass who has been stacking the Ohio Medical Board with pro-life non physicians including Ohio’s Right To Life president.

Just as a warning, I’m going to Ad Hominem the shit out of some of these fuckers. Why? Its simple. The people who rightfully opposed the bill who debated, did so with factual evidence, realities of what women go through to obtain services, and benefits that PP brings to Ohio. There was even the debunking myths brought up by those who wanted to defund PP. And yet, with all the compelling arguments those who opposed defunding PP brought to the table, it was painfully clear 23 people already had their minds made up on how they were going to vote before the debating even started. So, I know that when I write my emails to these assholes, I’m not going to suddenly change their minds and cause angels to come down from the heavens blowing heavenly horns with a word of God smacking them in their heads and waking them up. So, I’ve chosen the road of quickly dismantling their bullshit arguments and then calling them what they are: Fucking Moronic Assholes. It will be glorious (for me).

I will talk about the good guys first. Because they deserve praise for some of the excellent truth telling they brought to the Ohio Senate floor.

First, I would like to thank Kenny Yuko. Although some of his comments were off base when it comes to how society views troubled girls, he did take the time to note the videos of PP selling “baby parts” were heavily edited and mentioned 11 other state investigations (Ohio’s was not finished) saw NO wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood.

Thank you, Edna Brown who noted she was the only woman on the committee that approved this bill to a full Senate vote and not balanced with gender or party affiliation.

Thank you, Tom Sawyer.

Thank you, Sandra Williams.

Thank you, Cecil Thomas – who admitted he heard terms like IUD, and other medical terms and didn’t know what they all meant. And he knew from his lack of knowledge of women’s health, that men should not be making their decisions for them.

Thank you, Joe Schiavoni – who asked President of the Senate and the one who introduced the bill, Keith Faber (we’ll get to him in a moment) why there was a rush to put the bill to a vote before certain information from an Ohio agency had come that was requested. Mr Faber told Joe it was a highly inappropriate question and he refused to answer it.

Thank you, Michael Skindell for debunking Dave Burke’s non point about PP not paying their property taxes at the Berea location.

Thank you, Charleta Taveres for EVERYTHING you said. The testimony of the medical professional who worked with at-risk low income teens who didn’t know much about their own bodies, but knew they could go to Planned Parenthood for help. Thank you, for your impassioned knowledge of all that Planned Parenthood does to serve people in the State of Ohio. You are a wonderful Senator. Please continue to be a voice in the chambers for as long as your constituents will have you.

Thank you Capri Cafaro, for taking the time to educate your fellow senators on the REALITY of how difficult it is for women to receive the health care they need through literally every other provider out there in our state. You taught me there was only one mammovan (a van where women can get mammograms) serving 2 whole counties and part of Stark County, and the only place in that area out of 6 facilities besides PP where women could get one. You taught me how hard it is to get appointments at other locations. You taught us how women literally have to wait months to be seen. You taught me about one such place having a sliding scale payment system for low income people, but that it only applies for 6 months. You reminded us these places require a drivers license and 2 months of pay stubs to qualify for the sliding scale payments, and that many young at-risk women don’t have pay stubs and many don’t even have IDs. You taught me that many of the other places require a good faith payment before getting services. And you affirmed that PP makes getting the necessary healthcare access easy and quick for women. PP doesn’t place undue burden on at-risk women to get the care they need. (And as a note from the blogger, I know this from personal experience using PP as my primary women’s healthcare provider for the past few years). Capri – you are a wonderful Senator. Please continue to be a voice for the people in the Youngstown area.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Bill Coley – you’re an asshole. You repeated the same bullshit about the hundreds of other providers in Ohio that are “life affirming” that can give care to women. Except you completely ignored Capri’s testimony when she tried exactly that in the Youngstown area and found access for care much more restricted and didn’t offer even close to the same array of services PP does for women. That’s not “life affirming” at all. And that’s not even touching the fact that “life affirming” blowhole places emotionally manipulate the fuck out of women to coerce them into carrying the pregnancy to term. You’re a fucking moronic asswipe.

Dear Bill Seitz – if the defunding of Planned Parenthood is SO LITTLE money for the budget of Ohio, then why in the ever living fuck do you care so fucking much about taking such a puny little amount away from PP? Your entire reason for speaking was invalid by your own fucking logic. Sir, you have the intelligence of a boil on a wild boar’s ass. Sit the fuck down, dickbag.

Mr. Dave Burke – You repeated scarce resources as if Ohio were in a terrible financial crisis. Well, if giving away such “scarce” resources is such a huge concern of yours, why are you giving so much money to businesses to help grow Ohio? Can these businesses not do it themselves? Also, you attempted to claim the Berea PP was a terrible organization for not paying their property taxes. What happens when you purposely deceive with not all the information? One of your colleagues gives you the ultimate smack down with the rest of the information – that PP doesn’t fucking OWE any property taxes because they are EXEMPT. Please, have a row of fucking seats you lying underwear shit stain.

And what’s a good Republican run chamber without the token white woman? Shannon Jones. No wonder you voted to defund Planned Parenthood, because you’re a fucking dumbass. Your testimony about wanting to get pregnant means jack shit, because you are obviously privileged with ample access to the medical care you need. You thought you were being so smart with the argument “Well, Ohio is ranked #47 in infant mortality rate. And insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. So why are we continuing to fund organizations that obviously aren’t working to solve that issue?” I have a little news flash for you, Shannon. Planned Parenthood is all over the motherfucking country. And each state that has PP is not ranked #47 in the country for infant mortality. So OBVIOUSLY, PP isn’t part of the reason it’s a problem for Ohio. Also, your colleague, the dishonorable dickbag Bill Seitz, reminded us Ohio has taken money away from PP before. So maybe it’s the continued defunding of the services PP provides that contributes to this horrible statistic you lamented so fucking much? You’re an embarrassment to women. Have a movie theater full of seats, you dumb fuck.

And finally, Keith Faber. You spoke of the fake videos as if they were gospel truth. And then you used as much emotionally charged manipulative language as you could to demonize Planned Parenthood for something they don’t even do. You sent the bill to a committee that you KNEW would approve it to go to a vote with 11 men and 1 woman. 8 Republicans and 3 Democrats. You RUSHED the bill before even having information as to what the impact would be on Ohio if you were to defund PP. You told Joe Schiavoni his question was inappropriate when it is MORE than appropriate and MORE than valid. You obviously don’t give a flying fuck what happens to women in Ohio who don’t look like Shannon Jones. You don’t deserve that seat you sit on in the Senate Chambers.

Keith, please have a stadium of seats. And while you’re sitting there all by yourself in that stadium, I hope you take the time to go fuck yourself. You are a useless lump of human waste. I will imagine your face on every piece of shit I flush down the toilet each day I live in this beautiful state that you insist on ruining with each breath you take.