The Manner in Which Sexual Abuse Cases are Handled by MCUSA


From: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2016 1:29 PM
Subject: The manner in which sexual abuse cases are handled


I’m sure you’re aware of this:

I know past emails have been ignored. I know that a call to action from me means little to nothing for you.

I know evil when I see it, however.

Evil is in the suspension of credentials of an Executive Board member for performing a same sex wedding.

Evil is in the protection of sexual abusers.

Evil is in the refusal for a 3rd party transparent investigation without meddling or conflict of interests.

Evil is allowing a pastor with a “misconduct” past to become a pastor of a church without telling the church he has a past. You can’t use “forgiveness” and “forbearance”, because you quickly withdraw those concepts when it comes to your homophobia.

I hope you have trouble sleeping at night. I hope nightmares wake you up at night.

I hope your soul is troubled. Troubled from the harm you’ve caused. Troubled in the attempts to erase the harm you’ve caused so that people won’t see you as the monster you are inside.

I hope you sweat often in anxiety and fear.

I don’t normally wish for these psychological troubles onto people. But evil is deserving to be troubled and crushed.

Evil is in the leadership of MCUSA and VMC.


Fuck your religion. Fuck your God.



About Jack Ladouskas

My quest in life is to look back at the end of it and accomplish two things: 1) be happy with how I lived it and 2) make a positive impact in the world. This blog is a little slice of both. I hope you enjoy it.

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