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White America Fucked Up



I do understand some peoples’ need to “not care whose fault it is” on Tuesday. Some of that is justifiable angry response because some people are blaming the democrat party for “forgetting white people”, and others are claiming its Hillary’s own fault because she was a terrible candidate; not strong enough; she wasn’t Bernie; and blah blah blah.

But aside from the hot nonsense of dog shit, we DO need to identify the problems because identifying the problems are key to white people figuring out how we can fix this. So I’m going to lay it out in a few simple points:

White people failed. 60 million people voted for fascism and 3rd party voters in some key states helped. Racism and sexism are at the core; racism because these voters cosigned a platform rife with racism, xenophobia, islamaphobia, and homophobia. Sexism, because some people cosigned that garbage because they didn’t want to see a woman become president.

The Media failed too. Instead of focusing on issues that really should have mattered to white people as far as informing them is concerned (Trump’s ties to Russia; Trump Univeristy; sexual assault; setting shit he says straight with the facts), they spent their time normalizing his behavior by making it equally valid to Hillary’s character and hyperfocused on her emails and private server.

Perhaps the media is secondary to the white people issue because the first issue drove the other failure.

The solution is, we have GOT to find some way to decenter whiteness; to make our concerns as white people not the primary concerns of this country; to care about everyone’s well being and not have an “as long as I get mine, fuck you” attitude.

There are two places of Donald Trump’s platform that can seriously harm even US as white people (let alone everyone else) and that’s foreign policy and climate change. I called white people fucking stupid at times, because these two issues alone will directly harm even us, yet we thought white supremacy was the oxygen others were trying to take away and we’re scrambling to hold on to it for dear life. Watch whatever movie has a similar premise; where people voted for their own destruction because they were blinded by something else and then put yourself there. That’s us, white people. And the fact we’re willing to burn it ALL down for some fake sense of superiority really shows how inferior we actually are.


Facebook’s Reporting System is Hot Garbage


These first two images are from the 2nd the last time I was blocked on my old Facebook account.  As you can see, I couldn’t do shit on Facebook for 72 hours and it came with a warning that if I kept up my apparent shenanigans, my account could be permanently disabled.  Within a few weeks I was banned again for 7 days – for telling some dude: “go fuck yourself.” (PS – he was a rape apologist)

Many people know this is a problem today. Early on in my Facebook life, when people were saying they were banned on Facebook, I thought they were not telling the whole truth about their circumstances. I thought to myself “they HAD to have said something worse than that to be banned, right?” I have been on the internet having debates and conversations with people since the late 90’s when Lycos and Geocities message boards were a thing. I thought getting banned anywhere on the internet meant you had to have done something really fucking awful.

And then came the current Civil Rights movement. Black people were being banned for speaking out against racism. White feelings would run to that report button and Facebook did something about it. Facebook is racist as fuck when it comes to how their reporting system operates. Entire pages full of racist content, including how our President needs to die would return support inbox messages from Facebook claiming the comment or page “doesn’t violate our community standards.” But let a black person talk about white privilege and its WE CAN’T HAVE THAT when white tears run to the report button.

Of all the new features, updates, and changes Facebook has brought to us as social media users, the racist and sexist reporting system that censors black and woman voices and leaves angry white men feeling validated is still the same as it ever was, despite the petitions and outrage brought to the front by various people at different times.

Facebook even went so far as to unpublish one of my favorite pages: The Kinfolk Kollective after people abusing the reporting system had their way. Thankfully, the page was able to come back. But the message from Facebook was clear: deactivating your account or unpublishing your page is not an empty threat.

Yes, I know… “why don’t you just go someplace else?”

Because Twitter is a worse garbage pile of alt-right filth than Facebook and there just isn’t anything else that has come up that keeps my friends and I connected the same way Facebook does. I run two pages on it though, and Facebook ALWAYS wants me to pay money to promote my page content. But that’s not going to happen. Facebook isn’t getting a god damn dime from me as long as their racist and sexist reporting system remains as it is.

And just to drive home the absolute ridiculousness of it all, here are a few more screen shots. One of the racist piles of dung beetle shit can be seen here making a meme out of one of my past profile pictures definitely meant to be sexually degrading to me.


And here he is again, telling me to kill myself.


And after about 20 of my friends reported his meme comment, we all got the familiar message from Facebook about how it cares about Facebook being a safe and welcoming environment, but sorry kiddos, this dude just isn’t doing anything wrong. Of course, I sent my useless reply back to them anyway.


Yes, Facebook. You are full of shit.

And you know, if it was ONLY that Facebook doesn’t really censor anyone, most of us would shrug and just fill out block lists up with the deplorables. But Facebook DOES actively censor people. It actively censors black people, other people of color, and women, on a regular fucking basis for shit that has no business being deleted off and the person banned in punishment with threats of having their accounts deactivated permanently. Its a form of violence to have a reporting system that operates this way, while people like Carl Douglas Miles are enabled and emboldened to be the nasty, deplorable, underwear shitstains they proclaim themselves to be on social media.

Facebook does not care to fix their reporting system. They would rather play with Halloween emote reactions, fuck up what’s displayed on my newsfeed, break AdBlock Plus to force me to look at their ads, and change this feature or that one and force me to relearn how to use the damn thing.

I can’t WAIT for a new social media platform to come along that draws the millions away from Facebook where my friends and I can connect and hangout. I will happily give Facebook the middle finger and deactivate my account MYSELF permanently.


After myself and most of my friends left Facebook additional feedback after the initial “there’s nothing wrong with this post, sorry!”, Facebook decided to change their minds and remove the sexually degrading meme.

I’m not going to delete or change the blog post though because the larger message is still applicable and Facebook’s general attitude overall is still problematic as fuck. This is only one small victory in this battle. It took a lot of effort to get Facebook to do the right thing, while often people get banned for shit they shouldn’t be.