Apparently, Medium Supports Rapists.

I’m going to go ahead and say publicly the name of the sexual predator that a few internet posts have been exposing with screen shots and evidence, but who previously were withholding his name because he’s been threatening everyone with lawsuits. His name is Dan Broadbent and he runs the A Science Enthusiast Page on Facebook. I’m not afraid of this dumpsterfuck asshole though. Come at me, Bro.

I’m not one of his victims, and luckily, I have not had to deal with him so far. I have friends who were his victims though and several have spoken out simply because one person was brave enough to do so and so the others suddenly felt no longer alone and able to tell their stories in solidarity and courage. There is currently an assload of drama, which again, I’m glad to not be a part of. But if a man has several victims coming forward, they’re not all lying. TRUST ME.

In fact, this whole situation is a classic example of how rape culture operates in our society. The very fact victims are afraid to come forward and as soon as they do, are not believed, are harassed, and the sexual predator threatening lawsuits and dragging them through another type of hell is all part of the rape culture pattern. The predator is also often very careful about how he chooses his victims. The pattern I’ve seen with the testimonies is his victims are dealing with life trauma, self-medicating with alcohol at the time, and able to be coerced into supposed consensual sexual contact.  Dick pics were sent under supposed consensual circumstances. Coercion and fake support during a time of need is not consent. Predators know this. Dan Broadbent knows this. He knows because he IS a predator. Some victims still blame themselves for what happened to them. THIS IS WHAT RAPE CULTURE IS.

This blog post though, is to publicly expose Medium in its support of rape culture. Luckily, the internet is able to keep a copy of the deleted Medium post here.

After that Medium post, clearly Dan and his minions took to Medium’s support to complain. And supposedly, he’s being doxxed. Boohoo, Dan. Perhaps you shouldn’t be a rapist sexual predator dumpsterfuck.

Here are the screen shots of Medium’s justification for removing the Medium post about Dan:


So, Medium is all concerned that exposing a sexual predator is a threat to his personal safety. But clearly has not a single fuck to give about the fact the post was necessary because Dan Broadbent is calling all his victims liars and is encouraging people to come to him directly for his “evidence” that they’re all lying.

So here is my letter to Medium and I’m writing this blog post so that they can’t just shove my letter and others under the rug and pretend they don’t support rape culture.

If you didn’t want to pick a side, Medium, you should have left the post alone. But you picked a side. And you picked the side of supporting rape culture. May whatever God(s) you pray too have mercy on your pathetic fucking excuse for a soul.

medium supports dan broadbent



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