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Bernie Sanders, Russia, & White Supremacy

I saw my first “Bernie Sanders and his followers were paid Russian operatives” comment today on Facebook. It takes me a while to catch what I’m hearing from my friends and other articles/blogs, but there it was staring at me in the face. I blinked for a moment and noticed it was some white woman making the comment.

This pisses me off on several levels.

For one, it cheapens the actual influence being investigated into Russia’s involvement in our election. I, as much as anyone who has never like or who has come to see Bernie Sanders for what he really is, side eye the ever living shit out of him. I’m with Michael Arceneaux in that Bernie Sanders needs to learn how to shut up.

Bernie Sanders continues to use his microphone to criticize Democrats any chance he gets. Meanwhile, he has been quoted several times since the election and even recently, his desire to “work with” Donald Trump on common ground. But he seems to not know what common ground is with the party he has been caucusing with during his long established Congressional career. Remember this? Or, how about this?

But is Bernie Sanders and the faux progressive white leftists paid Russian operatives?

I don’t think so. First of all, Bernie Sanders, nor any of his followers, are people of interest in the Russian investigation. Yet, almost daily, we hear of more people in Trump’s cabinet who ARE. Like his son in law, Jared Kushner. We did hear of Russian trolls infiltrating social media platforms during the campaign, which we can obviously see is a tactic of influence being used. But, to say that all people who have a certain view point are paid Russian operatives cheapens the truth and deflects responsibility away from the white people who are willing to hold such views once they hear them. As an example, I lost LONG time friends during the campaign and even after the election once they revealed they voted for Jill Stein or that we all need to come together and sing Kumbaya around the fire with Trump and the shitheads who voted for him (hint, they’ve all been white people).

Secondly, it takes away from the fact there has been propaganda influencing white people for a LONG ass time.

And there has been propaganda against the Clintons for a LONG ass time. Republican PACs have been influencing liberal opinion of Hillary for quite some time as well. Russia’s involvement in our elections has literally been joining in on what Republicans have already been working on for decades. To suggest that this shit is new to just 2016, or that people have to be paid to have sexist or racist opinions on social media as if Republicans haven’t already been at this game since before social media was even a thing is flat out false.

At some point, there has to be some level of responsibility for the already sexist and racist people who hear bullshit and is willing to take it in to mix with their confirmation bias in the first place.

The real answer to white Bernie Sanders and the white leftists threatening to split the Democratic Party if the rest of us don’t pander to them is White Supremacy & Patriarchy. This has been hundreds of years of struggles. White people on the left do not need Russian money to hate women and people of color. By suggesting the dumpstershit on the left is just more Russian influence, deflects responsibility away from so-called progressives from doing the inner work of unpacking racism and sexism. It does nothing to help white people on the left unify with LGBTQ people, black people, immigrants, the disabled, women, and other marginalized groups.

Its not white people that everyone else needs to unify with. We need to remind ourselves that whiteness has given us privilege and power – power that we deny to everyone else. By blaming Russia for everything, we are denying we have that power and denying we used that power during this election.

Russia’s influence IS a big deal and the implication the executive branch and even some members of the legislative branch are complicit into allowing a foreign country to have this level of influence into our government is terrifying.

But what I will not stand for, is white liberals both downplaying the truth and cheapening it with bullshit conspiracies to absolve themselves of the responsibility of keeping assholes like Bernie Sanders in check and ridding ourselves of the sexism and racism that allows the hate against Hillary, or the annoyance with “identity politics”, to fester in our brains in the first place.

We have already allowed ourselves to believe in myths during the election. By entertaining continued fantasies, we endanger ourselves into allowing this latest wave of fascism to continue to establish its power. And people are going to die. And we’re going to sit here crying and wondering how we got to this point. The answer is White Supremacy. Its time for white liberals to stop being its shield while our conservative counterparts use its sword.


Fundamentalism in Progressive Politics

Dear Americans on the left. Pssst. Let’s talk. That means you too, USAToday… and you too Jezebel. Oh and even one of my normal faves, Slate. SHAME ON YOU ALL. What am I talking about? The deceptive coverage of the amendment in the Senate that 13 Democrats voted “no” on that would have allowed us to import prescription drugs from Canada. At least, that’s how all these left leaning publications are describing it. And now the “Progressives” have decided to lambaste Cory Booker (D) from New Jersey shortly after his unprecedented testimony against his colleague Jeff Sessions (R) during the Attorney General confirmation hearings. It is increasingly looking like the left wing’s version of the Tea Party is trying to take over the Democrat Party.

Progressives have been playing this game of moral purity politics that eerily resembles the moral purity fundamentalism of the Tea Party Right. Sure, Bernie Sanders wants nothing but good things for us Americans, right? This pull to the left can’t be all that bad!

Except when you have no integrity and attack the very Democrats who are resisting Trump and the Republicans, you literally threaten to split the Democrat party, weaken it, and leaving us with less political power to resist fascism. And what I’d really like to know is, why in the ever living fuck is Bernie Sanders trying so hard to split the Democrat Party? And why this sloppy journalism from Slate, Jezebel, USAToday and others?

The evidence:

First of all, the voting in question were amendments to  S. Con Res 3. S. Con Res. 3 is a budget bill setting the budgetary levels for the fiscal years 2018 through 2026. There were a total of 189 amendments attached to this bill and there was only 2 hours allotted to debate this bill. There were two amendments put forward by the team of Sanders and Klobuchar regarding prescription drugs and of COURSE the headlines are all about just Mr Sanders. Amendment 172 was ultimately withdrawn, but the text of the amendment reads:


The link of the full text is here

Democrats did not like this amendment and it should be for OBVIOUS reasons. There is nothing that says those drugs must match our own safety regulations, putting peoples’ lives potentially at risk. Amendment 178 was the one that was voted down. It left off “and other countries”, but again, no detail was given about safety regulations. It was a poorly constructed blanket statement, without the detail necessary for such policy. The 13 Democrats who were uncomfortable with such broad language were RIGHT to defeat the amendment.

Also missing from the sloppy journalism is the fact that the day before the votes on all the amendments to S. Con. Res 3, John McCain with Amy Klobuchar as cosponsor introduced S. 92,  “A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to allow for the personal importation of safe and affordable drugs from approved pharmacies in Canada.”

So, there is a bill addressing this issue of importing drugs from Canada, introduced to the Senate on January 10th, while the broad language over-simplified amendment was voted down on January 11th attached to a budget bill. Clearly, Bernie Sanders wants credit for “standing up” for the American people, using this to discredit Democrats, while a Republican Senator had already introduced a separate bill beforehand.

These are the facts. The facts should cause everyone who calls themselves Progressives to side eye the ever living shit out of Bernie Sanders for these antics. But wait! IT GETS BETTER.

Part of Jezebel’s reporting included how much money these 13 Democrats received in campaign contributions from Pharmaceutical companies as “evidence” that Democrats are bought and paid for just like Republicans, supporting the bullshit narrative that “all parties are the same.” Setting aside the fucking obvious that a Democrat President would not be encouraging Congress to gut and appeal the ACA (not to mention gut funding for her own CHIP program!!!), we continue to entertain this bullshit that Bernie Sanders is special.

Bernie Sanders is not special and here are two websites that show he gets money from Pharmaceutical companies too. Maplight and Open Secrets. He has gotten over $128,000 from Kaiser Permanente over his career. He has received money from people who work for Abbot Labs, Merck, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and plenty of others for election cycle 2016 totaling over $116,000.

If Democrats are bought and paid for by their campaign contributions, then so is Bernie Sanders.

Now that the evidence is out of the way, let me go back to something I mentioned in the title. Fundamentalism. I attended a Fundamentalist church for 4 years as a teenager. I could only wear skirts, dresses, or culottes, they had to be a certain length with no slits allowed. Any shirt couldn’t dip down more than two inches below where your collar bones meet and all kinds of other dress and behavioral rules. Most importantly, you didn’t question the preacher. He was a man of God, and what he told you was to be taken as the literal gospel. I am telling you, my bullshit radar is going all the way off about this “Progressive” left. This idea that there can’t be compromise or discussion within the party, that what Bernie Sanders says goes, that he is less corrupt than people who have served far less time than he has in the very establishment he attacks daily, combined with the fact he was only a Democrat during the presidential election, screams a type of Fundamentalism to me. A dangerous ideology where its members are not allowed to question or criticize. I lost long time friends when I switched in April 2016 from supporting Bernie to Hillary Clinton (hey, I liked the idea of single payer healthcare and free college). I’m talking people I had been friends with in real life or friends on the internet for nearly a decade. Lost them because I didn’t worship the ground Bernie Sanders walked on and decided to scrutinize him more and criticize him.

Folks, these are sure signs of cult behavior. And there are other examples too. Black people being told they don’t know what’s good for them if they don’t vote for Bernie Sanders. About how there isn’t a racist bone in Sanders’ body. White 3rd party voters separating themselves from Democrats to pretend they can’t be racist and therefore Democrats are just as horrible as Republicans. (Dear white people, we’re ALL racist). Nevermind the fact of which area of NYC Sanders lived in, or how he left for 98% white Vermont, a state with a higher than national average cost of living.

And one of my personal favorite shenanigans of Sanders was the announcement that he was willing to work with Trump on raising the min wage to $10/hr two weeks after the election after he refused to budge the entire campaign with Hillary Clinton’s proposal of $12/hr. Meanwhile, stalwart champions like Maxine Waters and John Lewis have both publicly announced they will not work with Donald Trump and John Lewis has even said Trump is not a legitimate president.

Where is Sanders’ resistance to tyranny?

I know Democrat politicians aren’t known for addressing this type of presentation fuckery within their own party, but maybe its about time they start doing exactly that. We simply CANNOT let the white male, self-professed “Progressives”, create a far-left wing faction similar to the Tea Party. The ONLY purpose this will serve is to weaken the Democrats and make it easier for the Fascism embracing Republicans to succeed in their efforts.

The media needs to do better with their journalism.

Bernie isn’t a champion of the people, he’s an obstruction.

He needs to permanently have a stadium full of seats in the basket with the rest of the deplorables.



White America Fucked Up



I do understand some peoples’ need to “not care whose fault it is” on Tuesday. Some of that is justifiable angry response because some people are blaming the democrat party for “forgetting white people”, and others are claiming its Hillary’s own fault because she was a terrible candidate; not strong enough; she wasn’t Bernie; and blah blah blah.

But aside from the hot nonsense of dog shit, we DO need to identify the problems because identifying the problems are key to white people figuring out how we can fix this. So I’m going to lay it out in a few simple points:

White people failed. 60 million people voted for fascism and 3rd party voters in some key states helped. Racism and sexism are at the core; racism because these voters cosigned a platform rife with racism, xenophobia, islamaphobia, and homophobia. Sexism, because some people cosigned that garbage because they didn’t want to see a woman become president.

The Media failed too. Instead of focusing on issues that really should have mattered to white people as far as informing them is concerned (Trump’s ties to Russia; Trump Univeristy; sexual assault; setting shit he says straight with the facts), they spent their time normalizing his behavior by making it equally valid to Hillary’s character and hyperfocused on her emails and private server.

Perhaps the media is secondary to the white people issue because the first issue drove the other failure.

The solution is, we have GOT to find some way to decenter whiteness; to make our concerns as white people not the primary concerns of this country; to care about everyone’s well being and not have an “as long as I get mine, fuck you” attitude.

There are two places of Donald Trump’s platform that can seriously harm even US as white people (let alone everyone else) and that’s foreign policy and climate change. I called white people fucking stupid at times, because these two issues alone will directly harm even us, yet we thought white supremacy was the oxygen others were trying to take away and we’re scrambling to hold on to it for dear life. Watch whatever movie has a similar premise; where people voted for their own destruction because they were blinded by something else and then put yourself there. That’s us, white people. And the fact we’re willing to burn it ALL down for some fake sense of superiority really shows how inferior we actually are.

Facebook’s Reporting System is Hot Garbage


These first two images are from the 2nd the last time I was blocked on my old Facebook account.  As you can see, I couldn’t do shit on Facebook for 72 hours and it came with a warning that if I kept up my apparent shenanigans, my account could be permanently disabled.  Within a few weeks I was banned again for 7 days – for telling some dude: “go fuck yourself.” (PS – he was a rape apologist)

Many people know this is a problem today. Early on in my Facebook life, when people were saying they were banned on Facebook, I thought they were not telling the whole truth about their circumstances. I thought to myself “they HAD to have said something worse than that to be banned, right?” I have been on the internet having debates and conversations with people since the late 90’s when Lycos and Geocities message boards were a thing. I thought getting banned anywhere on the internet meant you had to have done something really fucking awful.

And then came the current Civil Rights movement. Black people were being banned for speaking out against racism. White feelings would run to that report button and Facebook did something about it. Facebook is racist as fuck when it comes to how their reporting system operates. Entire pages full of racist content, including how our President needs to die would return support inbox messages from Facebook claiming the comment or page “doesn’t violate our community standards.” But let a black person talk about white privilege and its WE CAN’T HAVE THAT when white tears run to the report button.

Of all the new features, updates, and changes Facebook has brought to us as social media users, the racist and sexist reporting system that censors black and woman voices and leaves angry white men feeling validated is still the same as it ever was, despite the petitions and outrage brought to the front by various people at different times.

Facebook even went so far as to unpublish one of my favorite pages: The Kinfolk Kollective after people abusing the reporting system had their way. Thankfully, the page was able to come back. But the message from Facebook was clear: deactivating your account or unpublishing your page is not an empty threat.

Yes, I know… “why don’t you just go someplace else?”

Because Twitter is a worse garbage pile of alt-right filth than Facebook and there just isn’t anything else that has come up that keeps my friends and I connected the same way Facebook does. I run two pages on it though, and Facebook ALWAYS wants me to pay money to promote my page content. But that’s not going to happen. Facebook isn’t getting a god damn dime from me as long as their racist and sexist reporting system remains as it is.

And just to drive home the absolute ridiculousness of it all, here are a few more screen shots. One of the racist piles of dung beetle shit can be seen here making a meme out of one of my past profile pictures definitely meant to be sexually degrading to me.


And here he is again, telling me to kill myself.


And after about 20 of my friends reported his meme comment, we all got the familiar message from Facebook about how it cares about Facebook being a safe and welcoming environment, but sorry kiddos, this dude just isn’t doing anything wrong. Of course, I sent my useless reply back to them anyway.


Yes, Facebook. You are full of shit.

And you know, if it was ONLY that Facebook doesn’t really censor anyone, most of us would shrug and just fill out block lists up with the deplorables. But Facebook DOES actively censor people. It actively censors black people, other people of color, and women, on a regular fucking basis for shit that has no business being deleted off and the person banned in punishment with threats of having their accounts deactivated permanently. Its a form of violence to have a reporting system that operates this way, while people like Carl Douglas Miles are enabled and emboldened to be the nasty, deplorable, underwear shitstains they proclaim themselves to be on social media.

Facebook does not care to fix their reporting system. They would rather play with Halloween emote reactions, fuck up what’s displayed on my newsfeed, break AdBlock Plus to force me to look at their ads, and change this feature or that one and force me to relearn how to use the damn thing.

I can’t WAIT for a new social media platform to come along that draws the millions away from Facebook where my friends and I can connect and hangout. I will happily give Facebook the middle finger and deactivate my account MYSELF permanently.


After myself and most of my friends left Facebook additional feedback after the initial “there’s nothing wrong with this post, sorry!”, Facebook decided to change their minds and remove the sexually degrading meme.

I’m not going to delete or change the blog post though because the larger message is still applicable and Facebook’s general attitude overall is still problematic as fuck. This is only one small victory in this battle. It took a lot of effort to get Facebook to do the right thing, while often people get banned for shit they shouldn’t be.



The DNC, Rage & Privilege

I have been accused more than once of being full of rage.

It’s true.

My dad was also full of rage and when I was in my 20’s I saw I carried the same rage and I thought it was a problem. I went to the college counselor and told him I had an anger problem that I wanted help with. He listened for a little bit, but didn’t really offer any advice except to hand me copies of chapters out of some book. I read some of it, but couldn’t relate to it very well. It seemed to just attack the behavior and not the cause.

I am now nearly 37 years old and I no longer view my rage as a problem. In fact, I’ve learned that its not so much the fact I have rage, but how I harness and use it that really makes it good or bad. My dad was severely depressed and his rage caused him to scream in my face and make me feel worthless. He’d punch holes in the walls, throw glass pepper shakers across the room and watch the glass and pepper splatter all over after hitting the wall. He’d slam pots and pans down on the floor. He’d flip tables. His rage was violent and scary. I was afraid of becoming like this.

And sure, sometimes I slam doors when I’m the most pissed, but I’d like to think my rage is expressed mostly in words. And the things that make me rage are very different than the things that would set off my dad’s rage.

George Zimmerman getting away with murder – rage.

Sandra Bland getting roughed up because she wouldn’t put out her cigarette and eventually murdered in her jail cell – rage.

Seeing a chart showing the Democrats being in control of both chambers of Congress with a Democrat President for a grand total of 4 years since Reagan first took office in 1981 and then have people on the internet tell me the Democrats have been controlling the agenda for the past 30 years – rage.

Remembering the myriad of ways Republicans have obstructed progress since I was a teenager in the 90’s and having people today forget all the nuance, obstruction, and politics since then to create their own narrative – rage.

Being told Hillary Clinton killed universal healthcare after she was the one in the 90’s who tried to bring it! After remembering the Republicans telling Obama early in his first term “Don’t even think about single payer, because we won’t let it happen”. – rage.

Seeing the very white tears from people who demand a revolution NOW who loudly proclaim “the system” is unfair to them now while conveniently ignoring all the black voices who have been trying to tell us this for over 400 years – rage.

Seeing more Bernie protesters at the DNC in Philadelphia than there were people protesting against fascism at the RNC in Cleveland – rage.

And this morning, after the first day of the DNC and the butthurt tears of Sanders fans who still declare its not over yet, I was accused of being filled with rage and how this particular person has had enough of it.

This, after an entire day of white privilege shouting down speakers who took the podium. Booing Bernie Sanders. Chanting “Black Lives Matter” at Cory Booker while he’s speaking. Chanting whatever the fuck they were saying over Elizabeth Warren. Shouting down Elijah Cummings, one of the best damn congresspeople we have. This isn’t dissent. This isn’t protest. This is BULLSHIT. This is whining like a fucking crybaby because your entitled ass lost the soccer game. The ref missed a call. A foul was called when there was none. You lost. And now you think you have a right to “protest” and “dissent” the same unfair process Hillary Clinton lost too 8 years ago.


Tell me more how that isn’t the same as accusing a woman of sleeping with her bosses as a means of climbing the corporate ladder because there’s no way she has the brains or skills to earn it.

Tell me more about how that isn’t sexist.

And then I’ll ask you why you AREN’T filled with rage.

We have a candidate in charge of the Republican party now who sounds more and more like a fascist dictator every single day. In fact, after the RNC last week, it should be crystal fucking clear the Republicans have chosen unfettered racism, xenophobia, islamaphobia, and “law and order” to run their platform. If you think that platform would not bleed into how they govern the next four years, you are willfully ignorant of reality.

And yet, your privileged white ass is horrified the DNC has imperfect humans in it who expressed disdain for someone who spent most of his campaign shit talking the very party he was trying to take over. And your privileged white ass claims the fact the Russians hacked us is simply a deflection, because CLEARLY people talking shit among themselves is a much more offensive thing to behold.

And yet, your privileged white ass decided to weaponize your feelings to silence people.

I was abused emotionally growing up and you don’t get to weaponize your feelings to me. You don’t get to claim I’m abusing you with my rage because I stripped you of your privileged fucking fantasy. You should be using rage to act and be the change you want to see. If you care and rage about injustice and inequality, then fucking DO something about it. A great step would be to help kill the rise of fascism in this country. Otherwise, I have no more fucking time for you and your privileged shenanigans.

aaron bird sir

Why Bernie Sanders Needs to Concede

Bernie Sanders Joins Interfaith Roundtable At Washington D.C. Mosque

Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, smiles during an interfaith roundtable in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015.  Photographer: Drew Angerer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

I didn’t really want to write this, but I am. I don’t want to seem like I’m gloating victory. I’m not. I WANT to stop spending any energy or attention on Bernie Sanders or his increasingly smaller band of followers. (There was a news article this past week about how Sanders fans are moving to Clinton faster than Clinton fans moved to Obama in 2008).

There have been some things that have happened over the last couple of days though that have just pushed me to the edge of just HAVING to write about this.  One of those things is watching Jessica Williams piece on her last episode of The Daily Show.

It was obvious to me (even though it wasn’t said), how bad sexism is in our country. And yes, women, you are not absolved from regurgitating sexist bullshit. Internalized misogyny and self-hate is a thing. We receive the same sexist messages in society that men receive about us.

Besides the obvious sexist undertones that refusing to concede (no matter the stated strategy for doing so) has, I believe his refusal to concede is feeding his followers to continue their fight against Clinton as if the primary wasn’t over. I have examples from TODAY of this evidence. The six people Jessica Williams interviewed are not isolated. There are a LOT of people on social media still repeating Republican nonsense arguments against Clinton, hoping for an email indictment from the FBI, saying she has stolen the primary nomination from Sanders, painting a picture of a corrupt and evil politician. I have examples from TODAY’s conversations on the internet. This isn’t some past crap I just want to bring up and dwell on. This example is a response to someone who brought up Arizona as proof of voter suppression. Except the facts about how that happened are left out so people can blame the DNC for what happened there to fit their narrative.

for my next blog post

Then, of course, are those who continually behave as if we have to be nice and stroke their egos as if that’s somehow going to “win them over” instead of them using facts, evidence, and actual morals to vote with.

for my next blog post 2

Yes, I know Sanders said he will vote for Clinton in November. But stating your intention to vote for the Democrat nominee is not quite enough. Go visit his website and they’re still collecting money for his campaign. His campaign is vaguely in a “next stage”. He repeats that his goal is to make sure Donald Trump is defeated in November, yet he’s holding on until the Convention with his pledged delegates to push for certain parts of his policy platform.

I’ve said in Facebook comments that I WANT him to continue pushing for a progressive platform. Running for President is not the only way to do it though. He can concede the primary and give up taking his fight all the way to the convention in Philadelphia. That doesn’t mean his progressive ideals are dead. To the contrary, he wouldn’t have done as well as he did in the primary if that were the case. There are many ways he can take the energy he’s collected and stump nationally for congressional, state, and local progressive candidates and really work on grass roots efforts to push for progressive policies. He can get people involved in politics. He can push for increased voter participation in non-presidential elections where voter turnout remains horribly deficient. Clearly our voices as voters DO matter, as evidenced by the national referendum Brexit vote in Britain.

The false narratives about Hillary Clinton don’t appear to be dying. And some people who are carrying these false narratives were once Sanders fans considering Trump to get their vote, just like the six people in The Daily Show interview. And it’s not because they think Trump is great, it’s because of sexism. People including some progressives like Elizabeth Warren have been called “traitors” and “sellouts”. Warren has not changed as a person and her beliefs, her policies, and what she fights for as a senator have not changed. Sanders should concede and put his full support behind Clinton. It does not represent a loss of integrity. It does not mean Progressive values are dead. But you know what should be dead? Sexism. And Bernie Sanders should be a leader on that front as a so-called progressive white man.


Hillary, Bernie, and the Drama of American Society

Once, I was a huge fan of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. And in some ways, I still am. I have both autobiographies (Living History and My Life). I even took my copy of My Life to a house rep re-election rally in my state where Bill Clinton spoke and he signed my book. I will treasure it forever. Not everyone has a book signed by a President of the United States. I think its pretty awesome. I even enjoyed reading it. He writes similarly to how I talk in conversations. Talk about something, touch on something he and I could easily go off on a little trail and then bring it back to the original point or how that side thing related to the main idea (but sometimes, maybe not). It was amusing as I read it.


And Hillary …what an inspiration as a woman! To not just be a lawyer and not to settle for just being First Lady, but to actually be a Senator and a Secretary of State and now run a second time for President herself! How many women have that type of resume? Hillary has made history with her list of personal accomplishments, even if being President is something she doesn’t get to attain.


But something has happened along the way. I don’t know what it is. No, Bernie supporters, its not that she was a young Republican. I grew up Republican too, and I’m nowhere near where I was. To not allow someone to grow and change throughout their life as if they’re less of a person to have not always held your perfect purest progressive ideology is just you being an asshole.


No, I think its that she’s currently trying to play the game within the realm of Patriarchy…a game she can’t win. A game she shouldn’t want to win. A game that leaves someone looking disingenuous. For example, her tough foreign policy talk. She’s obviously catering to the center. After all, she has to seem tough and willing to make strong calls as Commander in Chief, right? Because women are weak and aren’t willing to go to war. But isn’t that what we want? Someone who is less willing to go to war and take a hard look at our current foreign policy and see how it perpetuates violence in the world as is and needs to change? I thought maybe a woman with our natural strengths would be more willing to do that. But she wants to play the man’s game instead and sound and be tough on foreign policy.


Like she wanted to be tough on crime. To not seem like a pansy.


And then there’s the answer she gave to some Black Lives Matters protesters when she met with them. When they confronted her husband’s mass incarceration problem (which she lobbied for), she didn’t apologize. She didn’t say “We didn’t realize at the time what the effects would be, and it was wrong and I want to fix it and make it right.” No, she placed the burden on those whom the policy hurts the most to come up with a solution. That didn’t sit well with me. She’s trying to play the Patriarchy game and I just don’t like it. I had a corporate boss who played the Patriarchy game in her corporate politics. SHE was probably the worst boss I EVER had. She was fucking ruthless. I just don’t like to see fellow women try to get ahead using that game and claiming they’re going to bat for the rest of us. I don’t think so. Does she plan on dismantling that system when she gets to the top? Or is she going to leave it intact because it gave her the power she has?


Now, we do have to realize how politicians have this game they need to play. How they need to use words and I suppose using logical fallacies are par for the course (like her straw man attacks on Bernie’s health care plan). And we have to give politicians a certain amount of grace because otherwise they end up not getting attention and their chances are lost. I mean, that’s how the political game is played and most of us fall for it hook line and sinker.


Which brings me to Bernie. I like him as a candidate better than Hillary. Though my own life story mirrors Hillary’s in changing my own worldview as I’ve grown, I do appreciate Bernie’s long standing voice. I know some critics may believe he’s just pandering because they’re just now hearing his particular rhetoric recently. But, recently his camp posted C-Span clips from the 90’s in which he was already mentioning in Congress how several policies were disproportionately affecting black people negatively in our society. He really was talking the talk before it was popular to do so among white people who think its trendy to be an “ally” right now. So yes, I do plan on voting for Bernie in my state’s primary. There are many other reasons and examples, but to me they all do seem to point to a man who wants to make some serious positive changes and I think we are long overdue for those changes.


But then his supporters. God, I avoid a lot of social media right now because the nasty Bernie supporters with their racist bullshit towards black people as if Bernie is the “obvious” choice and they’re “stupid” for voting for Hillary. Oh, those racist microaggressions. Progressive liberals…. You have a lot of fucking soul searching to do. Remember how I called you an asshole earlier for thinking you’re all high and mighty with your Purest Progressive Ideology? Yeah. That shit makes you look ugly. And the sexism? Christ man. “I’m going to be a sexist asshole to prove to you I’m more of a feminist than anyone!”


That’s literally how fucking dumb you sound.


The point is, neither Hillary nor Bernie are going to be perfect. In fact, neither one can be our savior. We don’t need a SAVIOR. We need to save ourselves. In fact, there is no other way to create a better country for everyone who lives here. And while voting for the right President is definitely a step in the right direction, this fighting and mud slinging in the Democratic party and the games we see politicians willing to play only reveals that every single one of us have a fuckload of looking in the mirror and savings of ourselves we really need to be doing.

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys of the Ohio SB 214 Debate

While at work, with my heart in my throat, my chest feeling hot and heavy, and my mouth feeling extremely dry no matter how much water I drank, I listened to the 2 ½ hours of Ohio Senate debate over the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

I’m here to give you my analysis of the good guys and bad guys of the debate. If you hadn’t heard, Planned Parenthood was voted to be defunded by the Ohio Senate with a vote of 23 – 10. I imagine since the House is run by Republicans, it will pass and John Kasich will likely sign the bill, as he is the jackass who has been stacking the Ohio Medical Board with pro-life non physicians including Ohio’s Right To Life president.

Just as a warning, I’m going to Ad Hominem the shit out of some of these fuckers. Why? Its simple. The people who rightfully opposed the bill who debated, did so with factual evidence, realities of what women go through to obtain services, and benefits that PP brings to Ohio. There was even the debunking myths brought up by those who wanted to defund PP. And yet, with all the compelling arguments those who opposed defunding PP brought to the table, it was painfully clear 23 people already had their minds made up on how they were going to vote before the debating even started. So, I know that when I write my emails to these assholes, I’m not going to suddenly change their minds and cause angels to come down from the heavens blowing heavenly horns with a word of God smacking them in their heads and waking them up. So, I’ve chosen the road of quickly dismantling their bullshit arguments and then calling them what they are: Fucking Moronic Assholes. It will be glorious (for me).

I will talk about the good guys first. Because they deserve praise for some of the excellent truth telling they brought to the Ohio Senate floor.

First, I would like to thank Kenny Yuko. Although some of his comments were off base when it comes to how society views troubled girls, he did take the time to note the videos of PP selling “baby parts” were heavily edited and mentioned 11 other state investigations (Ohio’s was not finished) saw NO wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood.

Thank you, Edna Brown who noted she was the only woman on the committee that approved this bill to a full Senate vote and not balanced with gender or party affiliation.

Thank you, Tom Sawyer.

Thank you, Sandra Williams.

Thank you, Cecil Thomas – who admitted he heard terms like IUD, and other medical terms and didn’t know what they all meant. And he knew from his lack of knowledge of women’s health, that men should not be making their decisions for them.

Thank you, Joe Schiavoni – who asked President of the Senate and the one who introduced the bill, Keith Faber (we’ll get to him in a moment) why there was a rush to put the bill to a vote before certain information from an Ohio agency had come that was requested. Mr Faber told Joe it was a highly inappropriate question and he refused to answer it.

Thank you, Michael Skindell for debunking Dave Burke’s non point about PP not paying their property taxes at the Berea location.

Thank you, Charleta Taveres for EVERYTHING you said. The testimony of the medical professional who worked with at-risk low income teens who didn’t know much about their own bodies, but knew they could go to Planned Parenthood for help. Thank you, for your impassioned knowledge of all that Planned Parenthood does to serve people in the State of Ohio. You are a wonderful Senator. Please continue to be a voice in the chambers for as long as your constituents will have you.

Thank you Capri Cafaro, for taking the time to educate your fellow senators on the REALITY of how difficult it is for women to receive the health care they need through literally every other provider out there in our state. You taught me there was only one mammovan (a van where women can get mammograms) serving 2 whole counties and part of Stark County, and the only place in that area out of 6 facilities besides PP where women could get one. You taught me how hard it is to get appointments at other locations. You taught us how women literally have to wait months to be seen. You taught me about one such place having a sliding scale payment system for low income people, but that it only applies for 6 months. You reminded us these places require a drivers license and 2 months of pay stubs to qualify for the sliding scale payments, and that many young at-risk women don’t have pay stubs and many don’t even have IDs. You taught me that many of the other places require a good faith payment before getting services. And you affirmed that PP makes getting the necessary healthcare access easy and quick for women. PP doesn’t place undue burden on at-risk women to get the care they need. (And as a note from the blogger, I know this from personal experience using PP as my primary women’s healthcare provider for the past few years). Capri – you are a wonderful Senator. Please continue to be a voice for the people in the Youngstown area.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Bill Coley – you’re an asshole. You repeated the same bullshit about the hundreds of other providers in Ohio that are “life affirming” that can give care to women. Except you completely ignored Capri’s testimony when she tried exactly that in the Youngstown area and found access for care much more restricted and didn’t offer even close to the same array of services PP does for women. That’s not “life affirming” at all. And that’s not even touching the fact that “life affirming” blowhole places emotionally manipulate the fuck out of women to coerce them into carrying the pregnancy to term. You’re a fucking moronic asswipe.

Dear Bill Seitz – if the defunding of Planned Parenthood is SO LITTLE money for the budget of Ohio, then why in the ever living fuck do you care so fucking much about taking such a puny little amount away from PP? Your entire reason for speaking was invalid by your own fucking logic. Sir, you have the intelligence of a boil on a wild boar’s ass. Sit the fuck down, dickbag.

Mr. Dave Burke – You repeated scarce resources as if Ohio were in a terrible financial crisis. Well, if giving away such “scarce” resources is such a huge concern of yours, why are you giving so much money to businesses to help grow Ohio? Can these businesses not do it themselves? Also, you attempted to claim the Berea PP was a terrible organization for not paying their property taxes. What happens when you purposely deceive with not all the information? One of your colleagues gives you the ultimate smack down with the rest of the information – that PP doesn’t fucking OWE any property taxes because they are EXEMPT. Please, have a row of fucking seats you lying underwear shit stain.

And what’s a good Republican run chamber without the token white woman? Shannon Jones. No wonder you voted to defund Planned Parenthood, because you’re a fucking dumbass. Your testimony about wanting to get pregnant means jack shit, because you are obviously privileged with ample access to the medical care you need. You thought you were being so smart with the argument “Well, Ohio is ranked #47 in infant mortality rate. And insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. So why are we continuing to fund organizations that obviously aren’t working to solve that issue?” I have a little news flash for you, Shannon. Planned Parenthood is all over the motherfucking country. And each state that has PP is not ranked #47 in the country for infant mortality. So OBVIOUSLY, PP isn’t part of the reason it’s a problem for Ohio. Also, your colleague, the dishonorable dickbag Bill Seitz, reminded us Ohio has taken money away from PP before. So maybe it’s the continued defunding of the services PP provides that contributes to this horrible statistic you lamented so fucking much? You’re an embarrassment to women. Have a movie theater full of seats, you dumb fuck.

And finally, Keith Faber. You spoke of the fake videos as if they were gospel truth. And then you used as much emotionally charged manipulative language as you could to demonize Planned Parenthood for something they don’t even do. You sent the bill to a committee that you KNEW would approve it to go to a vote with 11 men and 1 woman. 8 Republicans and 3 Democrats. You RUSHED the bill before even having information as to what the impact would be on Ohio if you were to defund PP. You told Joe Schiavoni his question was inappropriate when it is MORE than appropriate and MORE than valid. You obviously don’t give a flying fuck what happens to women in Ohio who don’t look like Shannon Jones. You don’t deserve that seat you sit on in the Senate Chambers.

Keith, please have a stadium of seats. And while you’re sitting there all by yourself in that stadium, I hope you take the time to go fuck yourself. You are a useless lump of human waste. I will imagine your face on every piece of shit I flush down the toilet each day I live in this beautiful state that you insist on ruining with each breath you take.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Media on the Uninformed

It was the 2004 election season. I had attended two John Kerry rallies. I protested George Bush twice at his two local rallies. Stark County, Ohio was dubbed that year as the “bell-weather County” in a bell-weather state. Just mere months before Election Day, Kerry was leading the polls enough that it looked like he was going to win the election.

Then, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Remember them? They claimed John Kerry didn’t actually deserve any of the medals he received during his military service and served as a giant photo-op for no other purpose than to boost his political career. The media was seemingly consumed by this development. Suddenly, John Kerry’s poll numbers dipped and George Bush was re-elected to his second term.


8 months after W was re-elected, I distinctly remember the news reporting his approval numbers dipping. This happened even before Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous government response following the devastation. You’ll even notice in this gallup poll graph how things went down for him:

2004 & 2005 taught me an important lesson I never realized before: The media plays an integral role in who gets elected not by reporting information and facts and simply broadcasting debating of the issues, but by influencing the uninformed with attention grabbing controversy and subsequent pundit commentary.

The reason for me bringing up this not so distant history is to remind everyone not to underestimate the influence of the media on this current election cycle. Many have noticed the near zero coverage Bernie Sanders is getting on the news as if he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning despite drawing thousands of people at every campaign event he has. Conversely, the media is lavishing all kinds of attention on Donald Trump. This isn’t just because he’s entertaining. Most of the commentary I’ve seen from my Democrat friends is rightful disgust. But they still hold the belief that he’s making a joke of the political process and also that there’s no way possible that he could win the election.

If there is anything I learned from the 2004 election, its that it’s a clear mistake to assume someone like Donald Trump couldn’t possibly win the election even with all the media coverage he’s getting. And the media coverage is paying off, with tens of thousands of people showing up to hear his racist xenophobic “Let’s make America great again” campaign rhetoric. I even listened to half of his interview with Sarah Palin and he’s even stolen some fake care for the middle class now. According to a Gallup poll in 2013, 55% of people still get their news primarily from TV.

Never underestimate the power of the media on the uninformed.